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Fendt Bros.

Quality Meats since 1919

-   ABOUT US  -


Henry Fendt and his two sons Theodore and Alois Fendt started Fendt Brothers Meat Market in 1919. It's a quaint little store in Watertown where it still resides today. Tragically after only nine months of being open, Henry passed away. This allowed Fritz, the youngest of the brothers, to join the business at age 13.

 The Brothers built a business through hard work, making quality sausages and having a friendly customer attitude. This has allowed Fendt Brothers to survive even through the Great Depression. Theodore's son Ken, and Fritz's son Donald, joined the business in the 1950's and 1960's respectively. Ken unfortunately passed away at a young age. Theodore and Fritz worked 63 and

68 years respectively mastering their sausage making techniques. Donald bought the business in 1983 and has run it ever since. In 1997 Don's son Dale joined the business. Fendt Brothers is now in its fourth generation.

All Meat Products


No Artificial Smoke

No Fillers

No Extenders

Natural Casings

Naturally Smoked

The recipes remain unchanged since 1919.  We take pride knowing that our all-mat products maintain a tradition of excellence that people have come to expect for over 100 Years.  We refuse to alter our products to meet a competitive price.

We still use real spices , no artificial flavorings; our products are smoked in the original wood smokehouse, which means no liquid smoke is used.  No fillers, extenders or MSG (monosodium glutamate) will be found in any of our natural casing products.  For this reason our sausages have an old world taste in a modern world.

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